Past Productions


Year Play Playwright
2019 Don’t Get Your Vicars In A Twist Ann Gawthorpe & Lesley Bown
2018 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde
2017 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
2017 Duets Peter Quilter
2016 Absurd Person Singular Alan Ayckbourn
2016 The Perfect Murder Hugh Janes
2015 An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde
2015 Little Grimley David Tristram
2014 Relative Values Noel Coward
2014 An Eye for an Eye Darling Ian Hornby
2013 The Barretts of Wimpole Street Rudloph Besier
2013 Tomb with a View Norman Robbins
2012 Calendar Girls Tim Frith
2012 Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
2011 Our Town Thornton Wilder
2011 The Real Inspector Hound Tom Stoppard
2011 The Play Reading Joan Honey
2010 The Inaccurate Conception Richard Ahsom / Geoff Saunders
2010 The Constant Wife W. Somerset-Maugham
2009 Hotel Paradiso Georges Feydeau Maurice Desvalliers
2009 All My Sons Arthur Miller
2008 Chorus of Disapproval Alan Ayckbourn
2008 “Murder Mystery “”Pritchards Travel””” Lesley Reynolds
2007 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
2007 “Murder Mystery “”Oxford Brooks””” Lesley Reynolds
2006 Martha’s First Christmas Tom Salter
2006 Dangerous Corner J.B. Priestley
2006 Outside Edge Richard Harris
2005 Admirable Crichton J.M. Barrie
2005 Imaginary Invalid Moliere
2004 Come to the Cabaret
2004 Separate Tables Terence Rattigan
2003 David Copperfield Charles Dickens
2003 Sailor Beware Philip King & Falkland Cary
2002 The Happiest Days of your Life John Dighton
2001 Miracle on 34th Street Valentine Davies (adapted by Dave Brand)
2000 The Scottish Play Graham Holiday
1999 An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestley
1999 Beyond Reasonsble Doubt Jeffrey Archer
1999 Snow White Brothers Grimm (adapted by Jessie Braham)
1998 Afternoon at the Seaside Agatha Christie
1998 Where the Brass Bands Play Philip Stagg
1997 Christmas in the Market Place Henry Gheon
1997 Lady Windermere’s Fan Oscar Wilde
1996 Oliver Twist Charles Dickens
1996 Sganarelle Moliere
1996 Last Time I Saw Paris Philip Stagg
1995 Murder in the Cathedral T.S. Eliot
1994 Niccolo and Nicolette Allan Cullen
1994 Wanted One Body Charles Dye
1993 Toad of Toad Hall A.A. Milne
1993 Local Affairs Richard Harris
1992 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl
1992 Whose Life is it Anyway? Brian Clark
1991 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
1991 “Film, Food & Family Album” Noel Coward
1990 My Three Angels Sam & Bella Spewack
1990 How the Other Half Loves Alan Ayckbourn
1989 Susannah and the Welsh Elders Margaret Wood
1989 House Guest Francis Durbridge
1988 Cat Among the Pigeons Duncan Greenwood
1988 All My Sons Arthur Miller
1987 It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog (Drama Festival)
1987 Outside Edge Richard Harris
1986 Rose without a Thorn Clifford Bax
1985 Hobson’s Choice Harlold Brighouse
1984 Tilly of Bloomsbury Ian Hay
1984 The Crucible Arthur Miller
1984 The Happiest Days of your Life John Dighton
1983 Toad of Toad Hall A.A. Milne
1982 The Glass Slipper H & E Farjeon
1982 The Diary of Anne Frank Goodrich & Hackett
1981 Alice in Wonderland Lewis Caroll
1981 Precious Bane Mary Webb
1980 The Miracle Worker William Gibson
1979 Roses of Eyam Don Taylor
1978 A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
1978 The End of the Beginning Sean O’Casey
1978 Sill Waters Delsie Darke
1978 A Pound on Demand Sean O’Casey
1977 Rose without a Thorn Clifford Bax
1976 Niccolo and Nicolette Alan Cullen
1976 Jonah David Campton
1976 The Farmer’s Wife Eden Phillpott
1975 Murder in the Cathedral T.S. Eliot
1975 Salome Oscar Wilde
1974 The Imaginary Invalid Moliere
1973 Toad of Toad Hall A.A. Milne
1973 The Hall of Healing (Drama Festival) Sean O’Casey
1972 The Soldier and the Woman (Drama Festival) Elaine Morgan
1972 The Tempest William Shakespeare
1972 Man for all Seasons Robert Bolt
1971 Goodnight Kathy (Drama Festival)
1971 It Couldn’t Happen to a Dog
1970 Christmas in the Market Place H. Gheon
1970 It Won’t Be Long Now Maurice Mcloughlin
1970 Noah Andre Obey
1969 The Grand Scandal (Drama Festival)
1968 Old King Cole Ken Campbell
1968 Tilly of Bloomsbury Ian Hay
1967 Mother Courage Bertholt Brecht
1967 Exception and the Rule (Drama Festival) (Drama Festival)
1966 I’m Talking about Jerusalem Arnold Wesker
1966 Barbara’s Wedding (Youth Drama Festival) J.M. Barrie
1966 When we are Married J.B. Priestley
1965 The Business of Good Government John Arden
1965 The Devil to Pay Dorothy Sayers
1965 The Cage (Drama Festival) Murial Ferris
1964 Mystery at Greenfingers J.B. Priestley
1964 Diary of Anne Frank Goodrich & Hackett
1964 Hello out there (Drama Festival) William Saroyan
1963 Ten Little Niggers Agatha Christie
1963 The Chilterns Hundreds William Douglas Home
1962 The Boody Tenet James Schevill
1962 Pilgrim’s Progress John Bunyan
1962 Virtue Triumphant (Drama Festival) Harry heap
1961 As Long as They’re Happy Vernon Sylvaine
1961 The Crucible Arthur Miller
1961 The New World (Drama Festival) Harry Heap
1960 Thieve’s Carnival Jean Anouilh
1959 Laughter in the Dark Victor Lucas
1959 According to Mark Hector MacDonald
1958 Nativity Play
1958 The Old Man of the Mountain Norman Nicholson
1958 Twelve Pound Look (Drama Festival) J.M. Barrie
1957 The orange Orchard Eden Philpott & Nancy Price
1957 The Vigil Ladislas Fodor
1956 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
1956 Wishing Well E. Eynon Evans
1956 The White Carnation R. C. Sherriff
1955 Quiet Weekend Esther McCracken
1955 Shadow of the Eagle Ronald Cochram
1954 When we are Married J. B. Priestley
1954 The Song of the Morning T.B. Morris
1953 Bonaventure Charlotte Hastings
1953 The Passing of the Third Floor Back Jerome K. Jerome
1952 The Happiest Days of your Life John Dighton
1952 The Farmer’s Wife Eden Phillpott
1951 Go Down Moses Phililip J. Lamb
1950 The Importance of being Earnest Oscar Wilde
1949 Miracle G. R.Myers
1948 Sketches
1947 Sketches